February 23, 2014

Website Lost

Written by derekherrera

So ever since I can remember I have been tinkering with things (like taking apart the VCR and remote when I was in elementary school) and this habit has stuck with me.  My latest experience was ‘tinkering’ with my website files and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which resulted in me losing all of the information on this website.  I have most of the information saved but did not keep a local copy of the backup files I was storing, so I am now rebuilding the website.  It will take me some time to get things back up to standard so please bear with me during the refresh.

We recently refreshed the product offering for the Special Operations Leadership Experience (formerly RaiderXP) and completed our first event this past week.  It was a great time and all of the participants appeared to be enjoying themselves and we trained 18 young ladies from the Softball Team and 6 young gentlemen from the Swim Team of Mater Dei High School.  The teams that participated displayed incredible levels of teamwork and motivation and many of the cadre were more than pleased with their effort.  It has been a long time since I personally have worked with teenagers, but these students made the experience very enjoyable.   You can check out some of the pictures at our new website and on our official Facebook page.  Also, if you know any organizations or corporations that would like to learn teamwork and leadership lessons from Special Operations Veterans please refer them to our website (we are currently only serving groups in Southern California).

Maura and I went to a dinner party in LA where we were able to hear Shmuel ‘Mooly’ Eden (President of Intel Israel) speak.  The presentation he gave was impressive, and incredibly humorous also.  It was probably one of the best events I have ever been to and was hosted by the American Technion Society.  Maura and I were invited by the same people that are working to raise money for the MARSOC Foundation at our fundraiser on March 8th in Hollywood.  There is a website now set up for the event that you can visit for more information at www.rockthewarrior.com.  If you can’t make the event but still would like to donate you can visit the donations page that has been set up.

I had the opportunity to start working with an incredible advertising agency here in LA called Deutsch LA.  I got put in contact with some executives there for a project for my marketing class that I am doing for RuckPack and spent a morning at their office this past week.  I was thoroughly impressed with the operations they are conducting there, and even more impressed by all of the talented, friendly people I met there.  I plan to start spending more time there to work on my project and also learn as much as I can about Advertising/Marketing/Branding before I graduate from school.

Maura’s Birthday was yesterday so we are the same age for another two months.  I got up early and completed the ‘Race on the Base’ 10K with my handcycle in Los Alamedas.  I almost didn’t make it to the start line, because there was so much traffic getting on the base that morning, but was able to get up to the start line on time thanks to the help of my pit crew.  The race went alright but, since it was a smaller race that included three separate courses (one for runners, cyclists, and rollerbladers), and three different course lengths (1K, 5K, and 10K), and two different finish lines, myself and the other four hand cyclers got lost on the course.  What should have been a simple race track loop turned into a bunch of figure 8’s and I ended up at the wrong finish line.  I confirmed the perception of disorganization when I asked five different race staff where the other finish line was and they couldn’t really tell me.  Regardless, I had a good time and it was great to get out and log somewhere between 10-15KM on a flat track.  I am bullish that I won’t have the same problem when I do the LA Marathon in March because it is a straight line and because there will be a large number of cyclists on the course.

Maura and I were able to celebrate her Birthday with lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants and shopping.  Two of our favorite things to do.

Also – Since I lost all of my website files you have to sign up again to subscribe to my blog.  I promise not to spam you.