June 14, 2016

Life is Good

Written by derekherrera
The past year has been remarkable!  Over the past year, I have consistently worked to narrow my focus and support my new mission in life, radically changing the way people live with Spinal Injury.
Derek Rolling through Sequoia Forest @2x
In all respects, I have been incredibly fortunate.  After graduating from business school at UCLA I started Spinal Singularity.  We have been fortunate enough to win some competitions and raise the necessary funds to advance our cause.  One highlight was that we were selected to participate in YCombinator, an early stage tech accelerator.  This was a truly transformative experience for me as an entrepreneur and for our company in it’s earliest stages.
So many positive things have happened in my life over the past four years and when I reflect on this journey I am grateful.  Every day I am humbled by memories and legacies of heroes that inspire me to continue moving forward.  Every day I am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who support me in all that I do.  This is what inspires me to take action.  This is why I work to be better every day.  To be the best husband, family member, entrepreneur, and friend that I can be.
We have some big things planned for this coming year.  This day is special, just like every other, because each day brings new challenges, new journeys, and most importantly, opportunity.  It is good to be alive!