January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Written by derekherrera

It’s been a great year! 2014 has flown by and Maura and I are ready for an exciting 2015.

Thanksgiving went well. We had an incredible spread to celebrate in our new home thanks to my wife and her parents. During my retirement ceremony, some people asked me about an article I published in the Union Tribune San Diego newspaper last Thanksgiving and some of the things I wrote. Looking back on this article, I continue to find gratitude for the same things in my life and still believe that

‘Every day is a choice to live, love, inspire, honor the fallen, make the world a better place and walk in the footsteps of giants.’

I spent most of December relaxing and catching up with family. I took two trips this month, one back to Delaware at Christmas and one to Baltimore for the Army-Navy Football game. The football game was a lot of fun and I was hosted by one of my classmates from school. I also got to catch up with a number of my classmates and friends at the game, and Navy won, so it was a phenomenal day.

As the year has come to a close I have taken time to reflect on how this year went and all that I have been fortunate enough to achieve. I can say that my retirement from the Marine Corps was, by far, the highlight of the year. This was the most meaningful event for me because it was an opportunity to connect with so many people that have done so much for me in one event at one time. It truly was an experience I will never forget because of all of the incredible people involved.

Although I am not certain exactly what my future will hold, I am not anxious or concerned by this. I know there are many opportunities available where I can positively impact the people, organizations and society I care so much about. This is what motivates and inspires me to take action, and do my best to honor those who have sacrificed for me, by living life in a way that would make them proud.